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Use these charts to compare the features of the different medical scales

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Pediatric Scales / Baby Scales

Compare the digital medical scalesPediatric scales from Tanita, Detecto, Health O Meter, BebeSounds, MedWeigh and Seca: top quality pediatric scales that offer rugged durability and repeatability in high traffic heath care environments. We're proud to offer our customers the following digital medical scales at outstanding discounts. And we ship most orders within 24 hours... worldwide.

MedWeigh Baby Scales
MedWeigh MS-2410 Digital Baby Scales MedWeigh MS-2410 Digital Baby Scales


44 lb capacity with 0.05 oz readability.   Weighs in both pounds and kilograms. Large 20" platform expands to 24" with snap-on extensions. With tare, weight recall and more.
BebeSounds Baby Scales
BebeSounds BR-149 BebeSounds BR-149 Digital Baby Scales

BebeSounds BR-149 Digital Baby Scale
Monitors the progress of your baby's physical development. It enables you to track your baby's growth by accurately measuring her weight and length. Battery operated. 44 lb capacity with 0.02 lb readability. Weighs in lbs, oz or kg.

Detecto Baby Scales
Detecto 6745 digital baby scale
Detecto 6745 Digital Pediatric Scales

These digital baby scales have an easy to read LCD display with RS-232 connectivity, sleep mode, lock-in weight, sleep mode, auto off and integrated height measurement.

Detecto 8440 digital baby scales Detecto 8440 Digital Baby Scale

(44 lb x 0.5 oz)
The Detecto 8440 digital infant scale has smooth contours and a small, space-saving footprint.

Detecto 450 beam style pediatric scales Detecto 450 Beam Pediatric Scales

Heavy duty rust resistant understructure with easy to read die-cast beam. Large polystyrene tray, 130 lb capacity with 1 oz readability

Detecto 8435 Digital Baby Scale
Detecto 8435 Digital Pediatric Scales

Detecto 8435 Digital Baby Scale
Features pounds or kilograms and a high contrast LCD display with auto zero, auto shutoff, and push button tare. A light, attractive scale, the portability is increased by the use of battery power with 6 "C" size alkaline batteries. 130 lb capacity x 0.1 lb readability

Seca Baby Scales
\Seca 334 digital baby scale Seca 334 Digital Pediatric Scales

Maximum safety and accuracy when weighing babies. 44 lb capacity with 1/4 oz readability - kilograms/pounds switchable

Seca 725 digital baby scale Seca 725 Mechanical Baby Scale

Classic design and reliable construction make this mechanical baby scale a favorite for over 50 years. Rugged steel construction and cast levers ensure years of durability and accuracy. Removable tray makes transport and cleaning simple and convenient. 32 lb / 16 kg capacity with 1/4 oz or 10 g readability

Seca 374 Digial Baby Scales

Seca 374 Digital Baby Scales
Seca 374 digital baby scale with a large 44 lb capacity with 0.2 oz readability, auto shut off to save batteries, tare and hold functions, and extra large, ergonomic platform that keeps baby safe and secure while weighing.

Seca 354 Digial Baby Scales Seca 354 Digital Baby Scales
The Seca 354 is a baby scale and floor scale for children in one . Weighing tray easy to detach from base . Breast-milk-intake function . Mobile and robust for easy transport. 44 lb capacity in baby mode and 110 lb capacity in floor mode. With tare, weight hold and breast milk intake function.

Seca 727 electronic baby scale

Seca 727 Electronic Baby Scale


Contoured electronic baby scale with large tray and three-button operation - hold, tare, lbs / kg - ensures convenience, precision, comfort and safety. PC-friendly RS 232 interface eliminates the need for manual input. 44 lb / 20 kg capacity with 0.1 / 2 g max readability

728 seca baby scale

728 Seca Pediatric Scales

The ultimate baby scale was specially designed for situations where the smallest weight fluctuation can be critical. This baby scale has it all. With the seca 231, the scale becomes a complete weighing and measuring station. 44 lb / 20 kg capacity with 0.2 oz / 5 g readability 
Health O Meter Baby Scales
HealthOMeter 386S-01 Mechanical Baby Scale HealthOMeter 386S-01 Mechanical Baby Scale

(50 lb x 1/4 lb)
The HealthOMeter mechanical infant scale has a sanitary platform. A handy measuring tape right on the platform

HealthOMeter 553KL Digital Baby Scale HealthOMeter 553KL Digital Pediatric Scales

(44 lb x 0.5 oz)
Auto off, weight hold, battery or AC power, extra large 25" sanitary weighing tray, battery or AC powered, Motion sensing technology

HealthOMeter 1522KL Mechanical Baby Scale HealthOMeter 1522KL Beam Baby Scale

(130 lb x 1 oz)
The HealthOMeter 1522KL mechanical beam baby scale features a large sanitary platform and built in measuring tape that reads up to 23". Factory calibrated to ensure accuracy

HealthOMeter 1524KL Mechanical Baby Scale HealthOMeter 1524KL Beam Baby Scale

(130 lb x 1 oz)
The HealthOMeter 1524KL mechanical beam baby scale features a comfortable baby seat to ensure babies safety and comfort. Heavy duty steel base for strength and durability

HealthOMeter 549KL Digital Baby Scale HealthOMeter 549KL Digital Pediatric Scales

(44 lb x 0.5 oz)
Weighs only 4 lbs -- ideal for the traveling nurse! Large LCD display, auto off to save batteries, and weighs in both pounds and kilograms.

HealthOMeter 2200KL Digital Baby Scale HealthOMeter 2210KL Digital Pediatric Scales

(45 lb x 0.1 oz)
The HealthOMeter 2210KL full featured professional digital baby scale features a highly precise 0.1 ounce readability, a sanitary removable platform, motion sensing technology to compensate for baby's movement and more

Tanita Baby Scales

Tanita BD-585 digital pediatric scale

Tanita BD-585 Digital Pediatric Scale
Limited Time Special! FREE UPS Ground Shipping!

(40 lb x 0.5 oz)
Easy to read LCD display with lock-in weight, zero/tare function and auto power off. Portable for use anywhere - weighs only 6 pounds
Tanita BD-590 digital pediatric scale

Tanita BD-590 Digital Baby Scale
Limited Time Special! FREE UPS Ground Shipping!

(40 lb x 0.5 oz)
The Tanita BD-590 baby scale is designed as an all-in one unit with no moving parts, making it a breeze to clean. With weight recall and included measuring tape. 15.4 x 22.8 inches, Easy to read 1.4” LCD display
Tanita 1583 digital infant scale

Best Seller
Tanita 1583 Digital Pediatric scale
Limited Time Special! FREE UPS Ground Shipping!

Large easy-to read LCD with accurate and instant display. Features include lock-in weight, low-battery indicator zero/tare, and auto power off functions. 40 pound capacity

Tanita 1584 digital baby scale

Tanita 1584 Digital Pediatric Scale
Limited Time Special! FREE UPS Ground Shipping!

Portable baby/infant scale with easy to read LCD and an accurate and instant display. Functions include zero/tare , lock-in weight, and auto power off. 44 pound capacity Home Page

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