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Use these charts to compare the features of the different medical scales

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Height Rods, Stadiometers & Infantometers

Compare the digital medical scalesHeight rods, stadiometers and infantometers from Seca. We're proud to offer our customers the following height measurement systems at outstanding discounts. And we ship most orders within 24 hours... worldwide.

Detecto SONARIS Touchless Sonar Stadiometer 0 to 9ft

DETECTO?s SONARIS stadiometer provides truly touchless height measurement via its state-ofthe-art sonar technology that triangulates the top of the patients head instantly. It can be used stand-alone on a desk or tabletop without fixed mounting for mobility, or it can be wall mounted for permanent use.
Seca 213 height rod

Seca 213 Portable Height Rods

The stadiometer seca 213 is especially suitable for mobile use, e.g. for measuring children and teenagers in the course of medical examinations in schools, for use by carers and health workers on the move. But it is also ideal for doctor?s surgeries and hospitals specialising in child and adolescent medicine. Furthermore, the seca 213 is suitable for measuring patients lying down. Once taken apart, the stadiometer is easy to transport anywhere.
Seca 216 height rod
Seca 216 Height Rods
Built-in leveling bubble and functional design. Headpiece comes with a lock-know for measurement accuracy and safety. Readings can be taken in both centimeters and inches
4 to 90" x 1/16" (10 to 230 cm x 1 mm)
Seca 220 telescopic height rod
Seca 220 Telescopic Height Rods
The classic telescopic height rod is a favorite. The headpiece is secured on both sides for accuracy and folds down for a greater degree of safety. When added to a Seca scale, it becomes a precision weighing and measuring package.  
Acculab lab scale Seca 222 Stadiometers
Wall-mounted stadiometer that raises from floor length. It's made of sturdy anodized aluminum and comes with a footplate for increased stability. We've incorporated an additional 4-inch head plate to ensure further accuracy. Since the Seca 222 telescopes up to eye level, readings will become easier.   
seca infantometer Seca 416 Infantometers

The completely novel shape of the infantometer makes it quick and easy to measure not only babies but also infants up to two years old. 13 – 39 inches (33 – 100 cm) measuring range Home Page

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